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  • How long does my order take?
    GIF Polaroid / Magic Frame / LetterFrame orders closes bi-weekly Monday, 12pm. Everything else closes every Thursday, 12pm. Self-collection / Delivery = Earliest coming weekend Normal / Registered / International Mailing = Ship out on Monday Different products have various lead times. Please allow additional lead time during festive periods.
  • How can I place my order?
    Simply head to Shop and checkout your orders! If you're looking for something which isn't in our website, please whatsapp us (+65 92991456 / 91292234)
  • I want to order multiple quantities, how do I proceed?"
    If you want all your orders to be of the same design and customization, simply increase the "Quantity" box before adding to cart! If you want all your orders to be different, you got to add to cart one by one separately! For bulk orders above 5pcs, do contact us directly for a special price!
  • Do you accept rush orders?
    Yes! Rush order is available for most of our products. Do note that rush orders do not affect the shipping duration and are not inclusive of weekends / PH.
  • Where do I upload my photos / files?
    Simply click on the "Whatsapp / Telegram" link in the check-out page or after completing your payment!
  • How many photos can I upload for my order?
    Film Album - 7/10 frames Film Jar - 20 frames Each frame can fit either 1 landscape photo or 2 portrait photos. GIF Polaroid - 2-in-1 can have 2 portrait photos, 3-in-1 can have 3 portrait photos.
  • What's the order procedure?
    After checking out your order, we'll send an artwork to you for confirmation 1-3 working days later. We'll inform you the earliest estimated date your order will be ready and the address for self-collection.
  • I need my order by next week, how do I inform you?"
    After checking out and paying for your item(s), just whatsapp us! We'll try our best to fulfill your order as soon as possible! We only allow rush orders only for certain products, there will be a "Rush Order" option in their individual product pages! For more info, please contact us.
  • What artwork / video format do I send in?
    We prefer files in JPEG, PNG, PSD and AI for your orders to be in the best quality. For videos, MP4 format is preferred.
  • I need help in designing, can you help?"
    Sure, just whatsapp us whatever is on your mind and we'll handle the rest!
  • I want my order to have my design, how do I upload?"
    Simply click on the Whatsapp / Telegram button in the checkout page to send us your design!
  • Do you provide visual mock-ups for my order?
    Yes, we'll send an artwork to you for confirmation in 1-3 working days after you've placed your order!
  • What kind of photos should I choose to upload for GIF Polaroid?
    Here's three tips we always recommend our customers: 1. Upload high resolution images 2. Choose portriat orientation photos 3. Pick the "2-in-1" option for the best transition
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Local (SG) customers: PayNow / Paylah / Bank transfer / Cash Overseas customers: Online Credit / Debit card / PayPal For cash payment, you can pay to our locations (Bukit Batok, Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio) Do note that we'll only start doing your order after receiving full payment.
  • How do I PayNow / PayLah?
    Please PayNow / Paylah to + 65 91292234 and whatsapp the receipt within 3 hours. Orders will be forefeitted for customers who fail to pay within that duration.
  • How do I pay cash after placing order?
    You can find us at our various locations (Bukit Batok, Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio) and pass us your payment! We'll only start doing your order after receiving full payment. Do note that Ang Mo Kio location is only available on weekdays, 8-5.30pm.
  • Do you accept partial payment?
    No, we only accept full payment before we start processing your order!
  • Can I pay cash on delivery?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept cash on delivery. We can only accept full payment before we start processing your orders!
  • I'm from overseas, how do I make payment?"
    For overseas customers, you can make online payment via credit / debit card. After placing order, an invoice will be emailed to you for online card payment.
  • How much does it cost in my currency?
    All our products are priced in Singapore Dollars. (SGD) For overseas customers, to change to your currency: Desktop: Click on currency at the header Mobile: Click on menu > SGD > your currency If you can't find your currency, you can Google convert from SGD.
  • Online payment refunds.
    For online payment via Credit / Debit cards, please note that in the case of a refund, a 5% fee will be deducted from the amount refunded back to you.
  • What are the mailing options available?
    Trackable Mail (Local): 3-5 shipping days Non-trackable Mail (Local): 3-14 shipping days Registered Mail (International): 7-28* shipping days *Mailing duration varies according to countries. Longer durations are expected during pandemic / festive seasons.
  • Why is there a difference in pricing for International shipping?
    All international shipping rates stated in our "Payment & Delivery" page vary according to the country and order weight. The further your country (eg. United Kingdom) is from our local shop, the higher the mailing cost. Purchasing more items will increase the weight of the package, thus higher the mailing cost too. However we provide FREE international shipping for all orders above $170!
  • How do I ensure that my order reaches me safely?
    We usually recommend all our customers to opt for Self-collection / Delivery as your order will always be in safe hands! For all mailing options (Normal/ Registered/ International Registered), we'll always protect your order well with pouch/box, bubble wrap and styrofoam casing* inside the package, so not to worry. (photo proof can be provided upon request) *Styrofoam casing only applies to Film Jars.
  • Do you have a physical shop?
    We're based online and we only accept orders through our website!
  • Do you have self-collection?
    Yes, we do self-collection at Bukit Batok, Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio* at different available time-slots! Just let us know which location is convenient for you. For more information, please click on the footer links. *Ang Mo Kio self-collection only available on weekdays
  • Do you offer express shipping?
    We don't offer express shipping as it is very costly. (est. < SGD120+) For customers who're interested, we can enquire on the details for you. Do note that express shipping do not affect the production lead time.
  • Do you have delivery services?
    Yes, we do offer delivery services to your convenience according to our schedule. You can enjoy FREE delivery (local) for all orders above $170.
  • Is my order trackable?
    Yes! Only for customers who opt registered mailing (local/international), which a tracking number will be sent to you upon request. Normal mailings are not trackable.
  • Which countries are classified under "Nearby Countries"?"
    Neighbouring countries in Asia like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. Customers from Malaysia get to enjoy a cheaper price for international mailing. For all other countries, they'll be classified under "Rest of the World".
  • Why shouldn't I opt for mailing when purchasing the Film Jar?
    Our Film Jar are made of glass, therefore it is fragile if not handed carefully. We are not responsible for any forms of damages to the product during the mailing process, thus we'd recommend self-collection or delivery.
  • How do I wind back the film after opening my Film Album?
    1. Simply hold the body of the canister with one hand ​ 2. Use the other hand to turn the "knob" at the top ​ 3. Turn it in an anti-clockwise direction ​ Make sure your hand doesn't obstruct the film when its winded in! Visit our Product Info page for video explanation.
  • What do you mean by "sending photos accordingly in sequence"?"
    To avoid any inconvenience, if you have any preference in the order of how you want your photos to be printed out, please label each photo individually or send us your photos in sequence. It's troublesome for us to keep changing the photo arrangements as we've many customers to attend to! Thanks for your understanding.
  • Is it possible to not use my order for advertisement reasons?
    Sure, we respect every customer's privacy! If you do not want pictures of your order to be published onto our social media platforms or website or for any advertisement purposes, just let us know when you check out your order or just whatsapp us will do! If not we'll assume as you're okay with your photos to be used for our advertisement purposes.
  • There's an error in my order / printing!
    Do whatsapp us immediately and we'll verify the issue! If it's: 1. A manufacturing error, we'll provide you with a 1-for-1 replacement. 2. Your mistake for failing to provide accurate details, we'll charge a fee for replacement. Please check the confirmation artwork carefully before confirming! Do note that replacement will not be available immediately.
  • My order is damaged when I received it!
    Unfortunately, we're not liable for damages incurred during the mailing process (Normal / Registered mailing). We recommend our customers to opt for self-collection or delivery to ensure your that order is in good hands!
  • Is there an auto-rewind mechanism in the Film Album?
    Unfortunately, our Film Albums does not have the auto-rewind mechanism feature at the moment. We're still in the midst of researching on this feature.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a member?
    You get to save your contact information, addresses, payment methods securely with us for faster check-out process in future! There'll occasionally be member exclusive deals too! Unfortunately, there is currently no member rewards program, we're still working on it!
  • I'm interested to be a Creators' Influencer!
    Our influencers get to enjoy free gifts, a unique promo code and exclusive deals! You can apply through the application form in the Influencers page found at "Join Us" section at the footer. Do note that interested applicants are subjected to approval.
  • I'm interested to be a Creators' Partner!
    Unfortunately, you can't apply to be a partner with us as they're invited to join the team by us. If you have a passion in the gift industry and would love to express your love and skills by helping us, do contact us through whatsapp or email!
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